Ocean City Theatres (formerly Fox Theaters)

Ticketing and Passes

When do tickets go on sale?
What does it mean if a showtime is greyed out?
What does "no passes" or "special engagement" mean?
What are the ages for Child and Senior tickets?
What are your film rating policies?
Do you provide a Military discount?
What should I do if I bought tickets for the wrong time/movie/theater?
How do I redeem a ticket if I don't receive email confirmation?
What is your refund policy?
How can I get a ticket refund or exchange?
It appears that I've been charged twice for the same tickets.

Bulk Ticketing

How do I purchase bulk tickets?
What are VIP Tickets?

Group Sales/Theater Rental

How do I book a theater rental?
Do you offer group rates or birthday party packages?
I want to take a small group to the theater and don’t want to rent an entire auditorium.

Gift Cards

How do I buy an Ocean City Theatres Gift Card?
Can someone else use my Ocean City Theatres Gift Card?
How do I check the balance on my Ocean City Theatres Gift Card?

Fox Rewards

What are Ocean City Theatres Rewards?
How do I join OC Rewards?
How do OC Rewards points work?
How do I check the balance on my OC Rewards card?

Theater Features

Are assistive listening devices available?
What are Open Captions?
When can I see a movie with Open Captions?
What special events will be shown?
Which theaters offer luxury recliner seating?
Which theaters offer heated recliners?
I’m at the theater and my seat wont recline.
What are VIP Tickets?
What is your Weapons Policy?

Business Info

How do I request a donation from Ocean City Theatres?
How do I book a theater rental?
How do I purchase bulk tickets for my business?
Whom do I contact about on-screen advertising at Ocean City Theatres?

Contact Us

How do I contact a theater directly?
How do I contact lost & found?
I have a question that isn’t answered in the FAQ’s.
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